When Paramvir Singh Cheema questioned his decision to pursue acting during the pandemic and was saved by Tabbar

युग जागरण न्यूज़ नेटवर्क

Today Paramvir Singh Cheema is riding high on the success of the highly acclaimed family thriller, Tabbar. The show saw him portray the role of a no-nonsense cop, Lucky, who just wants to do his work honestly and create a difference. However, there was a time when things weren’t seeming as bright and happy for the actor.

The last two years have been tough for the whole country with the Covid pandemic and many businesses had to face the brunt of it. One of them was also the Bollywood industry which had to shut down for a while.

Paramvir had shifted to Mumbai from Punjab to pursue his acting dreams, but facing scarcity of opportunities due to the pandemic, it did take a toll on him and made him question his decision. “I was very depressed throughout this pandemic, I used to worry whether things will ever workout for me or will I have to shift back to Punjab from Mumbai permanently because of Covid. And I did move back for a few months,” he shares.

Paramvir insists that with no surety of ever finding work again, it did become difficult for him to survive in the city. “As actors, our intention is to work every day and when that happens you start feeling that things are on the right track. But when the pandemic hit, at first I thought it was just a matter of days, we all thought that, but then the lockdown happened. I had to leave the place that I rented in Mumbai and go back to where I came from because of the lack of work and uncertainty,” he iterates.

But the dark clouds and bad times are never permanent, and for Paramvir the good times began with Tabbar.“I am on cloud nine with everyone saying such good things about my character. I am getting so many calls and messages. They are loving my character. I am happy that even with the Covid situation, I could do great work,” he gushes.

The role of Lucky came as a ray of hope for Paramvir in those bleak times as he got a call for the audition when he had already lost hope and moved back from Mumbai. “I am from a farming background and I was at the Farmer’s protest when I got the call from the casting director. I shot my audition there only and shared it with the casting person. When I got the call of acceptance, I saw a ray of hope. I think it proves that hard work pays off. We just have to keep the hustle on,” he insists.