Kubbra Sait finds her favourite school teacher, Mr Chacko via social media! The actor shares an endearing birthday wish for him!

युग जागरण न्यूज़ नेटवर्क 

Actor Kubbra Sait is one who truly believes in the magical powers of social media. From hosting interactive live programs in order to raise awareness and support for the LGBTQ community to even interviewing people from different facets like ace Tarot card readers on her buzzing Instagram, she uses the tool in a smart, intelligent and most effectively fun way for her audiences. However, a few weeks ago, she took to using social media as a finding tool, to locate her favourite teacher from her schooldays, the endearing Mr Chacko.

Taking to her social media, she said that, " A little over a month ago, I reached out to social media asking if anyone knew about the whereabouts of my favourite teacher I remembered from the school I hated the most. To my rescue came social media which has a pretty bad rap these days. As soon as I was DM’ed Sir Chacko’s digits, I called him. He sounded the same and I giggled like a 5th grader all over again. He waited to see me outside his gate and the first thing I uttered from my lips was, “I remember you being much taller Sir.”

Damn! I wasn’t the 5th grader any more. He showed me his passion project… a virtual cockpit, a simulation unit and we flew around Hong Kong airport, while we sipped on packed orange juice plonked on office chairs. His dimples shined and I chose the moment for a picture.A couple of days ago Sir Chacko turned a year older…Happy Belated Birthday Sir. Bless your heart. May you fly all those planes and continue to conquer those little hearts.💜"

The endearing wish has got a barrage of sweet comments from fans across the globe and even old school mates showcasing that when one wants to use social media to their best, they really can, amazing stuff Kubbra!